keskiviikko 18. maaliskuuta 2009

Thy Grief - A Frozen Realm demo 1995

Thy Grief - A Frozen Realm (demo 1995)
A Frozen Realm (An Ancient Scripture)
2) The Cosmic Symphony of Creation
3) A Cold Winters Mourning
4) Da mørket omfavnet meg


Some Norwegian black metal for change; atmospheric, melodic and symphonic even! Thy Grief is one of the lesser known bands and their career only lasted a few years from 1995 to... well, the album was released in 1997 and they probably disbanded soon after that, I'm not sure though. I wrote to the band and sent them a tape in 1996. I think the guys from Helheim recommended them to me, not sure of that either. Anyways, they recorded me this demo and a new song and I enjoyed them quite a lot.

Four tracks of melodic and very Norwegian black metal, good and clear sound but unfortunately some tape imperfection in the early bit of the 1st song. Shouldn't ruin it though. If you like this, check out the album "The Frozen Tomb Of Mankind" released by Solistitium, you should be able to still find it on various distros.

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