maanantai 2. maaliskuuta 2009

Hoth - Odes to My Black Goddess demo 1995

Hoth - Odes to My Black Goddess demo 1995
2) Impious Congregation
3) Nocturnal Offering
4) Hellish Revelations
5) Isis' Invocation
6) Nail the Nazarene
7) Demons' Melody
8) Noitcudortni


I ripped this tape out of idle curiosity as I could not remember what this project by Decayed members sounded like, I was under the impression it was melodic and synth-driven, very 90's southern black metal. Well, it IS melodic 90's southern black metal but not as keyboard-based as I had recalled and more black metal too! Give it a try, you know you are curious.

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