tiistai 31. maaliskuuta 2009

Secrets Of The Moon - Vanitas demo 1997

Secrets of the Moon - Vanitas demo II 1997
Secrets Side
Idolize Me
2) Caller of the Moon
3) Vanitas
4) My Life for Yours
5) Sadomatic Rites (Beherit cover)
Moon Side (Live)
6) My Life for Yours
7) Vanitas
8) Sáila
9) Sadomatic Rites (Beherit cover)
10) Screams of Anguish
11) Atomic Nuclear Desolation (Blasphemy cover)


Secrets Of The Moon is one of my favourite German bands, in any genre. You should go see them live if you get the chance. This item here is their 2nd demo, which contains a live on side B as bonus. Their style was more direct on the demo days, but excellent nevertheless. And I know "Sadomatic Rites" should be "Sodomatic Rites" but since Spinefarm screwed up the DDtM cover, people seemed to get confused. Apparently even the SotM guys.

This rip is not mine, I got this one some years ago from someone in Soulseek, so once again thanks goes to anonymous. I do have this recorded on a tape somewhere but I can't really be arsed to dig that up as this is a perfectly decent rip. However, if I come across that tape by chance someday, I'll rip it then - I actually should dig the tape up since there was something else on it too, I got it from one of my German friends. I wish he'd sent me a copy of the cover too, now all we have is the tiny, murky image from Metal Archives. UPDATE - I found the tape, but it contained only A-side of the demo so we stick to this rip.

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Bangstah kirjoitti...

Here's a proper scan of the cover, actually the full fold out thing, not just the front:


Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks, appreciated!!!