lauantai 7. maaliskuuta 2009

Rautavaris - Demo 2004

Rautavaris - Demo I 2004
Ennen Vihaa Syntyneet
Valon Polku
3) Sarastus


Ok, here is a great demo of atmospheric Finnish black metal from Lappeenranta, Horna's hometown. These older demos have a little bit of folk influence and quite a bit Burzum in them whereas the 2008 demo "Suden Lapset" (released by Grievantee) is rawer and more aggressive material.

I did not rip this demo, frankly I can't remember where I got the mp3's from, Inter Nets for sure but where? They might have once been posted on Rautavaris' Mikseri page but I don't recall seeing them there. The source must have been someone on Soulseek. Very recommended stuff!

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