lauantai 14. maaliskuuta 2009

Unhola - Minä Olen Tie demo 1998

Unhola - Minä Olen Tie demo III 1998
Puhtaasti Pahoja
2) Maa, Tuli ja Henki
3) Minä Olen Tie

Get it here.

Here's the third Unhola demo, professionally released by Meathook Productions, the UG cassette label and fanzine run by the Sorvali boys of Moonsorrow back in the late 90s. Mostly the same story as with the previous Unhola demo, got a dub of this from the same source and it was also ripped by my friend Joonas and this is the very rip here.

This demo has a bit improved sound, even if I personally prefer the murky roughness of the previous effort, and a different vocal style by Margoath - not as odd as on the "Inferno" album, but considered unusual then. Overall, I'm more into the 2nd demo but this is recommendable material still.

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Phil kirjoitti...

Dude, thx for adding these two Unhola demos! "Inferno" is such a unique and powerful album, too bad not many people know of it.
-Phil, Penance & Vengeance

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks Phil, I think the demos too need some attention. I like best the song "...Ja Mustaan Tyhjään Kuiluun" from the album, but in all it's a pretty unique release. People might be surprised with the demos after the album and vice versa.

Borderline kirjoitti...


Today I accidentally, while looking at this release came across your profile there and discovered this band! I downloaded and listened to Reh.'95 and "Beetlehemin Saasta" demo '96 and wow, I just can't believe how amazing it is. This is just perfect.
Right now I'm downloading their full length, but I cannot find this two demos:
Mustan Syvyyden Tuulet... (1997)
Minä Olen Tie (1998)
and you have dead links :( So please, can you reupload this two demos? I can't wait to listen to this stuff!!!
Thanks very much for sharing this band, I'm little late on discovering them but as you'd say "better late then never" ;)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


These are great demos too, especially "Mustan syvyyden tuulet..." - I do have these rips but I'd like to wait for a reply to an email before I reup these, I might get better rips (from originals) and cover scans from Henu.

So, please wait a little longer for the confirmation, ok?