lauantai 7. maaliskuuta 2009

Moonspell - Live England, 27.7.1995

Moonspell - Live at Rio's, Bradford England 27.07.1995
2) Wolfshade (Werewolf Masquerade)
3) Love Crimes
4) ...Of Dream And Drama (Midnight Ride)
5) An Erotic Alchemy
Opus Diabolicum
7) Vampiria
8) Alma Mater


Ok, another live tape, this one from Moonspell, known to most I presume. I really enjoyed the 1995 "Wolfheart" album and in my tender tape trading days I tried to get hold of as many as possible live recordings of the 1995 tour. This would be the first one I rip and if I recall correctly also the first one I got. Good one, though the strings are quite low. Download if you like old Moonspell.

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