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December Wolves - 'Til Ten Years CD 1996

December Wolves - 'Til Ten Years CD 1996
Ode To The Master Therion
2) The Night That I Died
3) Our Centuries Have Been Found
4) Lycanthropy : Yonder Through The IceStorms
5) 'Til Ten Years
6) Whence The Clouds Cry
7) Outro


I think the December Wolves debut album is pretty hard to find these days, released as it was by the South Korean Hammerheart Productions so I thought I might rip & upload it here. My copy was the strange double digifile version shared with Poccolus, kind of a mixed deal as I got two nice albums but not the booklets.

The music on this album is a bit different to the demo and very different to the two later albums which moved into more post-black metal or whatever territory. Here the moods are folky (well, the 3rd song is basically neofolk) and the metal feels geared more to the pagan and "European" direction than your average usbm. Unfortunately the bass drum sound & mix take away a bit from the enjoyability and as (in my opinion) the weakest track "Ode To The Master Therion" has been placed as the cumbersome 8 minute opener, it can be a bit hard to start listening to this album. Don't give up, however, it gets much better as it proceeds! Give it a try, it's worth it.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Thanks very much for the December Wolves Demo!
Would you be able to re-upload the 1st album, and the promo too? I can't find the promo anywhere online, and the cheapest i can find the first album is around $30 used :(
Really love Completely Dehumanised,a nd quite liked Blasterpiece Theatre, and i heard Til Ten Years once a few years ago and loved it!
amazing how one band can change sound so quickly!

Hails from Norway!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hello and thanks for the comment, I've reuploaded (or actually am doing so right now) both Wolves to haunt Narod so you'll be able to hear them now. Personal preference is Wolftread > Promo > albums.

Enjoy! Oh and I might score a live tape later too from comrade Drowned.