tiistai 23. maaliskuuta 2010

Absent Silence - Demo I 1995

Absent Silence - Demo I 1995
By My Own Hand
2) Matkani Yllä Muiden
3) The Trees & Ravens


I've seemed to make it a nasty habit to post first a band's second demo and then the first one. But I just recently found the tape this one was recorded on so that ought to be a pretty good excuse. If you are familiar with the demo II I posted earlier you know what to expect from Absent Silence's debut recording, though this one is much rougher and blacker than the later ones. The vocals here are the same whispering sort as on demo II which I think is cool.

My copy of the demo is a dub received from some trader contact of old so this reflects a little on the sound but fear not, it's not overtly necro or whatever. I'm hungry so I'll finish typing and start frying, download this if you like Absent Silence, Finnish dark/black metal, collect religiously demos etc.

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