lauantai 13. maaliskuuta 2010

At The Gates - Live in Macon, France 16.04.1996

At The Gates - Live in Macon, France 16th April 1996
Blinded By Fear
2) Slaughter Of The Soul
3) Terminal Spirit Disease
4) Cold
5) The Swarm
6) Under A Serpent Sun
7) Suicide Nation
8) Kingdom Gone
9) Need


Another At The Gates live tape from 1996, slightly longer one this time. Setlist is pretty much the same as the other one I posted, with "Kingdom Gone" added here. Sound quality is ok, the tape had a glitch or two but I don't think anything serious. Most written on the previous At The Gates entry applies here, though I'm a little bit annoyed by some of the speeches he makes - especially the populistic little number done after "The Swarm" makes my inner Euronymous frown. Oh well, it's not supposed to be grim and evil so I'll manage. If you do also, go ahead and download this.

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