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Depressive Silence - Demo III 1996

Depressive Silence - Demo III 1996
Forest of Eternity
2) Depths of the Oceans
3) Atmosphere
4) Mourning
5) Dreams

Removed, it has been re-released, vinyl for now and CD later - here!
Also Bandcamp!

See the previous post for most info, here I will just mention that personally I find this demo better than the previous one, even though there are no electric guitars or vocals present. The M.A. image above was slightly altered. I hope to update this to include the cover scans in the near future, as mentioned in the previous post.

UPDATE: I found the covers for this & demo II long ago but I've simply forgotten to update this, oops! Sorry about that. Can't be arsed to repack & up the whole shit so I just added a Mediafire link for the cover scan. - Megaupload gone so new upload with cover to Mediafire! - Mediafire backstabbed me so now it's Narod.
- No download link anymore as it's been re-released on vinyl for all you elite collectors and audio wankers and will also be released on CD for us practical people. See Unborn Productions or their distributors, a link is provided above.

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Vomit of the Earth kirjoitti...


Ragy kirjoitti...

Download link is gone! Please fix!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Alright, will do that next. Note that I've read a mention about a Depressive Silence compilation coming up. If that becomes real, I'll remove these as obsolete and link to it.

Ragy kirjoitti...

So, velkaarn, did that DS compilation ever show up?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I've no idea, to be honest I haven't been keeping an eye on it. I sort of expect certain people to inform me if/once it is released.

Matthew Lowery kirjoitti...

@Velkaarn Not sure if someone has made you aware, but this demo has been reissued on 12" vinyl (300 copies) with remastered audio and new artwork under the name 'Mourning', taken from the fourth track. The record label is Unborn Productions, there's a link here.

Thanks for the work you do with this site, it's an incredible archive to browse through.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@Matthew Lowery:

I was aware there were plans for some sort of release but kind of missed it so thanks for the heads up! I don't care about a vinyl, not having a vinyl player but I see there's a CD version coming too. I'll discontinue the download and add a link to Unborn site as this is now obsoleted by that release.

Oh and thanks for the compliments, appreciated!