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Beherit - Live at Metal Passion III 09.06.1990

Beherit - Live at Metal Passion III, Rovaniemi 9th June 1990
1) The Oath Of Black Blood
2) Demonomancy
3) Satanas (Sarcófago cover)
4) Grave Desecration
5) Morbid Gods
6) Nightmare (Sarcófago cover)
7) Goat Worship
8) Witchcraft


I noticed I haven't posted that many lives recently so I decided to make up for it now. Beherit should not really need introductions, unless you stumbed here by accident in which case return to Google right now. This was a bit obscure live, I received it titled "Live Metal Passion III R.O.I. 1993" from one of my tape trading chums but this is obviously (partially) bull excrement, looking at the setlist and researching a little it was revealed to be Rovaniemi, 9.6.1990 gig.

I have to warn you before you cream your pants that this is a flawed thing, the cassette I ripped suffers from crappy dub for the first two songs or so with the sound wavering and twisting like a snake on speed. Those of you old enough to have actual experience with audio tapes know what I mean. Luckily it gets better and the rest is ok. If there is a better quality rip of this gig (audio or the bootleg DVD) please give me a link! Not a bad live sound and they don't screw up much so it's recommendable to all old school retards, Beherit fanatics and other connoisseurs of classical music & arts.

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@Vlad Blood: Read the comment above. I got the same message trying the link, tried again after 1-2 minutes and it worked.

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It works fine. Many thanks!