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Morningstar - Rehearsal 11/1991

Morningstar - Rehearsal November 1991
The Curse
2) Pierce His Eyes
3) (War) Legend - Incomplete


And this is the other rehearsal I mentioned in the previous post. Very old one, recorded before their debut demo. However, the material might be familiar as the first two songs were included on the 2005 limited edition LP release of the "Inside The Circle Of Pentagram" demo and the second one was re-recorded for "Heretic Metal" and the third track, here an incomplete version, was on "Rivendell." I decided to upload this anyways as I don't think too many have the LP which anyways omits the last song. Not a major thing though, as it's incomplete, lasting only 1:15 or so. Don't look at me, that's how I got it from Honkonen.

I enjoy this little rehearsal tape more than I should, the sound is very audible for such an old recording and the musicianship is... enthusiastic. That's probably why it's so much fun. For old school metal heads, Morningstar fans, collectors of obscure recordings and so on.

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raf666 kirjoitti...

Thanx for Morningstar stuff!! You search "Inside the circle of pentagram" demo?? I have good rip 160 kbps.

THE DECEASED kirjoitti...

Always interesting to listen to rehearsal stuff, and those 2 are very much of my taste. Thanx for sharing! Btw, "Rivendell" is a damn great album, with that charming muffled but bursting sound.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks for the comments guys! @Raf666: Yes, I've got the complete tape now but have a little difficulty ripping it as one tape cuts at the end and another is screwed at the beginning. So I'm trying to combine them. Interested to hear your rip though, maybe it'll save me the trouble!

raf666 kirjoitti...

Can you send me your e-mail? I send you link to "Inside the circle of pentagram". This stuff is from trade and not for publish to all.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@Raf: I'll send you a mail.