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Lord Of Pagathorn - The Chaos Spirit Among Us promo - demo 94

Lord Of Pagathorn - The Chaos Spirit Among Us promo-demo 1994
The Chaos Spirit Among Us I
2) The Chaos Spirit Among Us II
3) The Chaos Spirit Among Us III


This is among the true "cult" demos uploaded onto this site, the so-far sole official release of the Northern heroes Lord Of Pagathorn. Ever evasive of publicity, they gave very few interviews to (mostly) Finnish fanzines and sort of vanished from the scene, to the dismay of the ones who had heard this excellent demo. You might be justly wondering why I didn't upload this sooner, well simply because I had separated the demo cover from the tape and it took me some effort to find! Dumb old piece of s***t.

Definitely recommended, easily among the best blackened metal demos spawned by Finland! Notice that all the three songs are untitled but as due personal preference I named them "The Chaos Spirit Among Us I - III" instead of I - III, but feel free to adjust! Oh yeah I forgot to mention that they're active again and hopefully will be releasing something sooner or later.

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raf666 kirjoitti...

Very good upload!! I don't know about this band exist, in lineup member of Maple Cross!!

Misfits kirjoitti...

Awesome demo!! Thanks Velkaarn.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Yeah, it's great! I'm anxiously waiting to hear what they've cooked up since the reform.

Grilo Do Demo kirjoitti...

Wow. You convinced me.

By the way, I managed to rip some tapes some days ago (thanks for recommending me Audacity), now I'm struggling with noise reduction an all that, but I think I'm getting a decent result. They are the three Gorewinter tapes, I think I remember you mentioned you have one?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@Grilo: Excellent news then! I'm really looking forward to those! I haven't posted my version of "Battleblack" because it's missing the 3rd track which is always annoying for an original tape. I guess the distributor scewed up. I trust your copy does not have the same problem?

Grilo Do Demo kirjoitti...

Erm... well, you make me doubt, but I don't think so, it has six tracks, unless there's a silence in the middle of one but I don't think so.

I did my best at cleaning the hiss, if you think you can do better I can send you the transferred .wav files or something. Here they are, mp3 all of them:



Buried by night

The first two are transferred by me. Concerning BBN, I only have it on mp3 and didn't edit it at all. Enjoy!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks for the links Grilo!

Well, having listened now the first two demos I've this to comment:
1) The beginning of "Winterhymn" is a little dodgy, this is an issue with the tape I believe and there isn't much you can do about it I know.
2) The sound volume seems a little low to me, I'd crank it up a bit.
3) You seem to have cleaned the sound quite well, no hiss.

And now I've confirmed my tape is somehow missing the 3rd track! Damnation.

Good job overall, hope to see you rip more tapes! :)

Стас Проклятый kirjoitti...

Please update your links!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@Стас Проклятый:

Ok, reuploading this now to another server!