lauantai 27. maaliskuuta 2010

From Depths - The Burning Ice (1995)

From Depths - The Burning Ice 12"MLP 1995
2) Silence of Victory
3) Shelter of the Dark
4) Outro


More Italian black metal for this week, now a vinyl for change, even though it is a cassette rip. This is the first EP, or MLP, of the Italian black metal band From Depths and it was released in 1000 copies by a never-heard label in 1995. Seems to be quite uncommon item. I got my dub from a Polish tape trader and don't know how many generation it might be, but the sound is ok. The intro has minor blemish but it's really nothing. I was more annoyed by the way the outro starts seamlessly and overlapping the end of the 3rd song "Shelter of the Dark". However, I still chose to divide them into two separate tracks as they were so listed (well, since I only have a cassette dub I can't really be sure).

I guess something more than it's black metal and from Italy ought to be mentioned of the music. Well, it takes quite a lot of influence from the Norwegian (and Nordic) black metal bands, is melodic but still satisfyingly raw and has synth. Very little resemblence to other better known Italians this time. I'm enjoying it and am considering to rip & upload their 1997 album as well (which was also released in mere 1000 copies and by another obscure label). The band has (like so many others) restarted their activities so check out their MySpace. I'm also interested to hear the two tapes the band released prior to this 12" so let me know if you have them or find a link!

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Francesco kirjoitti...

Heil.this is Verminaard(ex-vocalist/guitarist of From Depths,now Apolokia).Maybe I can help you with old F.D. demotapes (promo '93 and adv.tape '94).Please contact me

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

I'll be sure to do that comrade Verminaard, thanks in advance!!!