torstai 4. maaliskuuta 2010

Puissance - Krig demo 1995

Puissance - Krig demo 1995
All form av död
2) Krig
3) Döden i all enkelhet


Again a different direction, this time I've uploaded the 1995 demo of the Swedish martial neoclassical / industrial legends Puissance, whose members are also familiar (to some) from the black metal bands Octinomos, Parnassus, Worshipper, Dismal and Algaion, the musically and lyrically similar project Arditi as well as contributions of several intros and outros to various artists and compilations. I don't remember which of the 1995 demos was recorded and/or released first, but the cover states this one being created in 1993/1994 and considering the content I'd say this is demo I.

Ripped by yours truly from an original tape this is by sound quality an easy listen - provided you enjoy the type of music presented, obviously! The three tracks here are all quite long and bleak, more minimalistic in impression than later Puissance material. Do not expect vocals or samples or other breaks either. Dark, industrial ambiances.

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