sunnuntai 21. maaliskuuta 2010

Sacrilegeous - I.O.T. 666th K (1995)

Sacrilegeous - I.O.T. 666th K demo 1995
Strange Objects in the Nocturnal Horizon
2) Mystery of the Intermediary Life
3) Fullmoon Over Darkened Seascape
4) ...About Silence
5) I.O.T. 666th K


Sacrilegeous is a name probably not very familiar to people who didn't follow the Finnish UG scene in the early mid-90's closely. More often mentioned in various 'zines than actually heard by people, Sacrilegeous was involved in various antics and apparently aligned with Azazel, I.C.F.D. & co in the so-called conflict that was almost going on circa 1994/1995. But let's not forget the music, that's why we're here right? Sacrilegeous released a bunch of tapes and a CDEP of which best known ones are listed here on their M.A. entry. This doesn't seem to be one of them.

I got this one from a trader contact in 1997 I think and it is quite unusual recording. If you have heard Sacrilegeous' CDEP "Nordic Landscapes of Hessdalen" you might know what to expect. It is music influenced and based on raw black metal but with an unique take on it. I'm having hard time describing it accurately. If you became curious go ahead and download it.

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raf666 kirjoitti...

Good stuff, obscure music with raw sound. Only for maniax, thanx Velkaarn. I never heard about this band earlier.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks for the comment Raf! Yup, it's not certainly for everyone! I got recently the CDEP, turns out Necrodesecrator still has some copies around. It's quite similar to this tape.