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Blasphemous (swe) - Promo 1994

Blasphemous (swe) - Promo 1994
2) Levitate to the Kingdom
3) Malleus Maleficarum


Another contribution from brother Grev and again a Swedish band. This is the black metal Blasphemous from Sweden - I think this one even though this obscure tape isn't listed on their page. If it's NOT them I'd appreciate if you correct me! Anyways, we had no cover so I've just used the logo. I'm interested in the other demos so if you have them, you know what to do!

To the content: it's early 90's Swedish black metal with a very underground sound and production values. If you don't know what that means I suspect this might not be for you. The dub quality is ok even if the age and Xth generation of tape trades show through a bit. An intro and two quite short, mostly fast songs for almost 8 minutes. There are some melodies and death metal influences present (well, it IS Swedish and early 90's) but I find it pretty safe to call it black metal rather than black/death or what have you. If you can stomach the pretty crappy sound and enjoy bands like Behemoth (swe), Belsemar, Decortication, Sorhin, Satariel etc. you'll want to give this a chance.

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Posao kirjoitti...

thanks for uploading this tape!

a really rare tape from an obscure swedish band, which totally drowned in the flood of black/death demos from scandinavia early to mid 90's... linus (the leader of the band) was a cool tapetrading-guy, from whom i got a lot of really great swedish stuff back then.

an interesting fact: the blasphemous logo (like the one for skogen zine) was made by none less than oystein brun from molested/borknagar.. oystein really had a hand for cool logos.

i still haven't scanned the skozen zines, since my time is really short for such works. but i've scanned the interviews for two of your latest uploads (blasphemous & ancients rebirth):

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hi & thanks for the comments & information - so it is the same band as I thought! Thank you also for the interview scans (which I download as I type this), those will come handy now.

Don't worry about scanning the 'zines, I know how time-consuming & bothersome task it is. Whenever you happen to have too much time on your hands is fine!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Reup, please

Velkaarn kirjoitti...