maanantai 4. heinäkuuta 2011

Creepfog - A Yearning Is Whispered demo 1995

Creepfog - A Yearning Is Whispered promo-demo 1995
Horned God of the Woodland
2) Upon the Rolling Hills of Splendor
3) When Blood Boils Black


Do you remember the G.O.T.H. 'zine & compilation I posted last year? Well, here's the 1995 recording by the editor's band Creepfog which I thought was also featured on the compilation but now that I check it sure wasn't! So where the hell have I heard this before? Or did I just mix it with something else? Who cares, here's the demo anyways courtesy (again) of brother Grev who had gotten a rip of this from a trader which I edited a teensy bit. Thanks Grev & the other guy! No cover, I just used the logo from M.A.

This is a pretty short one, less than 8 minutes for three tracks and music played is USBM performed in the more brutal and raw vein. More Profanatica than Xasthur so to say. Crude, ugly, primitive yet clear and audible enough soundwise, the performance is obviously not virtuoso but works for what it is and I find myself enjoying listening to it every now and then, but it's definitely not a daily treat. More like threat to a sophisticated listener I suppose. If you enjoy stuff in the vein of old Beherit, Blasphemy et all you'll probably want to give this a listen.

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