perjantai 8. heinäkuuta 2011

Thromdarr - Rehearsal 1992

Thromdarr - Rehearsal 1992
Stronghold of Kanthar
2) Serenades from Eternal Darkness
3) As a Wind Cries Ancient Tears
4) The Drowned Sun of Alhambra


This is (probably) the last Thromdarr item I do, a 1992 instrumental rehearsal tape I got from Grev again. Kiitti! This has also been called the first version of the "As a Wind Cries" demo and the M.A. info adds Intro: The Dawn of Samhain to the tracklisting but this was not the case on the recording I got. Mika from Thromdarr verified the tracklisting above and could not remember if this recording was supposed to include The Dawn of Samhain or not. So I've titled this simply as Rehearsal 1992. If someone has the actual instrumental "As a Wind Cries" - version. I'd like to hear it to compare to this tape.

Four instrumental tracks for about 15 minutes of black/death metal in the ol' Finnish vein is what is presented on this clearly worn old tape. With a suitably muddy sound it is not going to impress the hifi-enthusiasts even if Mika recalls the original having a quite good and clear rehearsal sound, this particular dub has been going through so many hands and plays it shows. Don't get me wrong, it's perfectly listenable still. Features also their last track written as Necrobiosis, the second one "Serenades..." You should also check out Violent Journey for some recently released Thromdarr merchandise. That is all.

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