torstai 21. heinäkuuta 2011

Herodez - Halbwelt demo 1996

Herodez - Halbwelt demo II 1996
2) Halbwelt
3) Modern Time
4) Mislead Storm's
5) Tormenting
6) Lost in Grief
7) The Last...
8) Todfeint (Outro) - cuts!!!


I'm off to Tuska Open Air but I decided to first post this tape I finally found in my unsorted box a little while ago. Herodez or Herodes - I'm not sure which one is correct spelling or if it changed but my trader spelled it with "z" and that's what I've used (UPDATE: it's with Z) - made two demos and some of the people were involved in another band Gilles De Rais. Unfortunately my dub cuts at the outro, I'm not sure how much is missing but since I've been unable to find this anywhere I thought it an acceptable loss. I've no covers so I used the image from Metal Archives. A full copy would still be appreciated as well as their previous demo "Germanien" so get in touch if you have them.

Other than the cut outro, the dub is of pretty good quality while the tape itself has a quite raw but listenable sound to it. Rehearsal recording probably. I find it fitting to the mostly midtempo grim black metal they churn out. It is quite similar to the Gilles De Rais demo (but the sound is clearer and dub+rip of better quality) so if you liked that you'll probably enjoy this. Recommended for underground demo fanatics, people into old German bm demos (TD) and whoever enjoys this kind of raw black metal.

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THE DECEASED kirjoitti...

And another interesting find, my friend! Fuuuuckkkk, there's still so much out there, one could fall into despair, hahaha!
Listened to this one 3 times by now, and it's primitive but good! The vocals are a bit too 'over the top-evil' for my taste (or are they just too loud in the mix?), but apart from some serious timing-flaws it gave me a good listen. Especially that brutally raw chainsaw-guitar sound is something I love - similar to the one in "The Fog" (& "Our Lord Will Come") by ISENGARD, man that is extreme!! Thanx pal!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

I thought you might enjoy it! Yeah the vocals come over a bit too strongly. I hadn't thought about the old Isengard tracks, good point there!

I wish I'd find the other demo too.