maanantai 11. heinäkuuta 2011

Fermenting Innards - Live Track 1993

Fermenting Innards - Live in Germany 09.10.1993
Innocent or Indecent


Some readers might remember I posted the EP by Fermenting Innards two years ago here. This post is a quick filler, a single live track from their 1993 gig somewhere in Germany (I might've known the venue once but that info is lost) and the first thing I heard from them. Dubbed to me by a German friend back in the day, I never found out if the whole gig was recorded or just this track. If you by any chance do have the whole thing, let me know!

Good quality live sound I'd say. Clear and loud, possibly a soundboard recording. This song was also on the EP so if you've heard that one you know this then. The vocals are more shredding live though. Recommended for people into black or death or black/death metal.

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