tiistai 5. heinäkuuta 2011

M.O.O.N. - Moonlight Invocations demo 1996

M.O.O.N. aka Moon (tur) - Moonlight Invocations demo 1996
Death From Above
2) Moonlight Shadows
3) Ancient Hate
4) Sin Rain


Time for another Turkish death/doom demo, this again gained from a tape trader ages ago. I didn't have a cover but I've included a pretty good image I stole... borrowed from Demo Archives. Seen above is the Metal Archives image. And yes, I'm well aware the band was still called just "Moon" at the time this demo was released, however for clarity's sake I chose to tag 'em as M.O.O.N. (spelling they adopted a bit later) for ease of telling them apart from the other bazillion Moons.

Pretty good quality rip of a decent dub, the sound could however be more balanced yet this is an issue with the demo itself. The main vocal is a bit overtly strong and goes a bit more for the right ear. The music and instruments are still well audible, not drowned fear not. The sound changes a little (for better balanced) around mid-demo and completely again for the last track. Quite good death/doom with a touch more violence (due the vocals) than usual and some neat synths in the background. Worth checking out if you enjoy the genre!

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