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Gorgoroth - Live in Hilversum 14.04.1996

Gorgoroth (nor) - Live in Hilversum, Holland 14th April 1996
Katharinas Bortgang
2) Crushing the Scepter (Regaining a Lost Dominion)
3) Revelation of Doom
4) Ritual
5) Bergtrollets Hevn
6) Gorgoroth

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I thought I'd upload a live tape for change, ripped by yours truly from a dub sent by a trader comrade back in the 90's, this is again good ol' Gorgoroth featuring whoever played in the live line-up back then. Pest & Infernus at least. I just noticed I uploaded another Gorgoroth live tape a few days over two years ago! Funny that. I want more of these so if you have, please let me know!

Back to this one. I don't think it is a complete gig as it's only 24+ minutes... then on the other hand it could be if they were not headlining. Well, I don't really think it is, it's probably missing at least two tracks or so and the first one here "Katharinas Bortgang" starts just as the song begins (I think - can't remember for sure now). If you were at this gig and have an amazing memory (or a full recording of this) let me know what if anything I'm missing. I might also mention I got this without a tracklisting but I think I figured out the tracks correctly.

What does it sound like? A raw audience recording of an old Gorgoroth gig, but I find the quality very satisfactory and pretty clear actually. Excellent setlist, obviously. Recommended if you love old Gorgoroth, raw black metal and are not too wimpy to tolerate live bootleg sound.

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Bangstah kirjoitti...

I have a tape from the same tour, recorded in Hamburg. It is also very short. On that tour they were headlining, support was Mystic Circle --- utter crap and a laughable stage show!!! Aura Noir were supposed to play, but cancelled. I remember that Gorgoroth played a hilariously short set, especially for a headliner and considering that there were 2 instead of 3 bands that night! It truly was a slap in the face, after all we drove hours to get there, but well... wtf! I am quite sure it was a bit longer than that, but if memory serves me right, just about 30 minutes. It was a raging and intense show though, a pleasant surprise, because I wasn't sooooo much intom them until then. I'll download this show and compare - thanks for it!!!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah I thought the full show would've been about half an hour, they weren't exactly famous for lenghty shows - or albums for that matter! Well, it's better to have half an hour of good stuff than 70+ mins of barely listenable shit, be it a gig or album. When I was young I tended to be distracted by quantity over quality often. I think I remember seeing that Hamburg show on someone's list but I don't have that one myself. Heh, Mystic Circle wasn't certainly among the elite of bands! Aura Noir cancelled must have been dissappointing.

They weren't the easiest live band later either, I went to see them play in Helsinki some years ago (2003 - 2006, can't recall accurately when, getting demented) where Horna and Behexen were supposed to open for them. Well, Gorgoroth's soundcheck took so long Horna had only time to play three songs! Behexen played a longer set (they had agreed to do so instead of both playing short) and G maybe an hour, not sure.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Didn't Nocturno Culto play session on this tour? I know that he played live with them at some stage, but I can't remember when...

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I don't really know, maybe Bangstah knows, having seen them play on the tour?

Bangstah kirjoitti...

Actually, I have no recollection of him ever playing in Gorgoroth at all. Maybe you are confusing it with his time in Satyricon, that was 96/97, too -- calling himself Kveldulv?!!?? That's my best guess anyway... IF he has played with Gorgoroth, it wasn't mentioned during the show and I'm sure it would have, at least shortly afterwards...

About them not being easy: To be honest, it doesn't surprise me one bit! I have seen them several times and at least during the "Ghaal era" (who I never appreciated as much as Pest) they (or most of them) had this "stay away from me" aura all over them and especially Ghaal always came across as a big dick. Sure, they wanted to appear as evil etc... but this was still different, more like completely unsympathetic in any way. Even before that, I remember them playing a small indoors festival where bands were accomodated in the club (it had rooms with beds) and the first thing they did was entering one room, occupying it and throwing everybody else's stuff out. They sure knew how to make people like them!!! :)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for the info, I didn't have any recollections of N.Culto touring with Gorgoroth either.

And yeah I can believe they acted like dicks, though I have to say being a bit distant and arrogant fits a black metal band on stage much better than going all Ozzy there "We love you all! Clap your hands!" - compare to Benton with Deicide on the gig posted on Woodman's Axe blog! :D Obviously they wouldn't need to be total assholes offstage.

You mentioned having the Hamburg show on tape, do you have it as audio or is it a video?

Bangstah kirjoitti...

Naaaahhh... of course I wouldn't expect them to hug their fans and sell pink shirts, but kickin' them off stage isn't my idea of appropriate behaviour either! :)

I have a video, but the picture quality is terrible. The sound is quite good though, so I ripped the sound to MP3s. It actually sounds better than the Hilversum tape. I'll upload it!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Excellent, I'm more interested in the audio anyways! Looking forward to that then.

Bangstah kirjoitti...

It'll be online in a day or two! Glad to return a favor for once!

As I said, the video isn't really worth watchingn anyway. The sad thing about it is that it looks as if it was really great until somebody decided to shrink it down and turn it into a bloody WMV (possibly the most worthless video format out there - only good for people who have no clue about video conversion and are to lazy to invest a few hours in properly researching alternates, i.e. would rather use some click through soft instead of their brains).
I think I am not sure about some song titles and would appreciate it if you could help me with filling in the blanks!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Ok, thanks in advance! I'll do my best to help you with the tracklisting!

Yeah I agree WMV is just about always crappy. I don't have experience about converting stuff to video files myself but at least I know what to avoid!

Metal Collection kirjoitti...

I've got a tape from a Gorgoroth Tour in 1999
It's the same thing for me, I've a gig of half an hour.

This is the link

You can see photos of the tape and download the tape.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@Metal Collection:

Looks like a nice bootleg, thanks for the heads up!