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Absu - Rehearsal 31.03.1994

Absu - Rehearsal 31.03.1994
1) An Involution of Thorns
2) The Sun of Tiphareth
3) Apzu
4) Never Blow Out the Eastern Candle
5) A Quest into the 77th Novel
6) Drum Solo
7) Akhera Goiti - Akhera Beiti (One Black Opalith for Tomorrow)
8) An Evolution of Horns

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I thought I'd post this rehearsal tape today as it sort of fits well with the previous one, once again we're in the States and this is Absu. As you might recall I posted a rehearsal tape by them, from the same year earlier here. Well, this is another then, slightly different bunch of songs here and again mostly instrumental... let's say it's instrumental as there are vocals only in the intro and outro, plus what Proscriptor says between the songs. Or is it Equitant? From a tape trader comrade of mine and I don't think they had any sort of cover for this so I decided to make another placeholder combining the older (best!) logo and artwork from the second album.

This is quite lenghty at over 52 minutes and has a good rehearsal sound. Dub is mostly of good quality as well, with minor wear. All tracks should be familiar, except if you have only heard the full lenghts. What I wrote on the post for the previous rehearsal tape mostly applies here as well. I like it but not everyone will enjoy it I suppose. Recommended for other fanboys and people who brave 50+ min instrumental rehearsal tapes.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Instrumental in the description peaked my interest. Bonus points for it being a rehearsal. I enjoyed this. Thanks for uploading!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Glad you liked it, I'm sure you've already checked out the previous one. I don't expect too many readers to be enthusiastic of instrumental rehearsal tapes so this feedback pleases me!