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Koito #6

Koito 'zine, issue #6 (1996)
Septic Flesh
Kari Rueslåtten
Opera IX
Thy Sinister Bloom
Forgotten Silence
Articles on En Garde & Prophecy (fra) + reviews


I decided to post a 'zine again today, this is the 6th issue of the Italian Koito who had a quite long run from early 90's to... I don't know for how long as I only have this and the 7th myself. At least this issue was a group effort, it seems to have three people making the reviews and interviews plus the Kari Rueslåtten one contributed by Russ Smith. Kinda hard to say more as the editors appear only with single initial and there's no editorial whatsoever to this issue. Don't know whether it was a conscious choice to omit it or if it was more or less forgotten. As I don't happen to have the 7th issue at hand right now I can't check that one for more info. But whatever the case, this is a pretty neat printed 'zine, more oriented to sort of atmospheric metal I suppose than one or few specific styles.

The lay-out is ok, only major gripe I have is with the goddamned background text on their "tales from the thousand tapes" sections of demo reviews, it doesn't make them unreadable but is annoying still! And they also go for a little bit of font experimentation but fortunately it stays within bounds of common sense and taste. Not to mention readability. Their English is good, not too many typos, reviews well written, informative even and not of the (quite common) annoying and pretentious sort I've grit my teeth reading through way too often. Their interviews are above average as well, clearly experienced editors. I'm actually now curious to see their earlier efforts, I remember having been interested in issue 4 based on some flyer or ad so scans would be cool. I'll do the seventh issue too once I remember where the hell I've shoved it. Read and bear with my slightly sloppy (as in crooked pages) scans.

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