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Hoarfrost - Simony demo 1996

Hoarfrost (uk) - Simony demo 1996
1) Intro. Lindisfarne
2) On the Shores of Slain Images
3) The Unearthly Flesh
4) Infinite Mists
5) Simony
6) Outro. Hermetic Paths

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More UK black metal and another obscure unit, apparently a one-demo-wonder again, Hoarfrost from Abingdon. Or Oxon, not very good with the UK addresses. Well, wherever, this is their late 1996 demo and ripped from a dub my trader chum sent and unfortunately I don't have a proper cover scan, just a scan of the xerox I got from him. The original cover is in colour, from what I could make out of the M.A. image. 

This is another of those album length demos with a playtime of over 42 minutes and looking at the tracklisting you might have noticed it's six tracks, two out of which are an intro and outro so the actual songs are long, between 8½ to 9½ minutes each. It manages to sound quite epic and crude at the same time, thanks to programmed drums and demo sound. More Thy Repentance than Caladan Brood, so to say. I didn't listen to this much back then but now that I'm giving it (almost) all of my attention again I have to say it sounds better than I remembered. Still not something I'd rush to repress on CD and vinyl or spam forums with but listenable. Right, I'm going to give them another chance, why don't you try it too?

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Is it just me or do like 20% of all black metal band names sound like vulgar slang for women when spoken aloud, but really aren't?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

I know that feeling but that still doesn't take your mind out of the gutter!