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Maze Of Cako Torments - The Demonic Songs of Yellow Water demo 1997

Maze Of Cako Torments - The Demonic Songs of Yellow Waters demo III (?) 1997
1) The Seaweeds
2) Possessed by Smog
3) The Shaft
4) Kalaki opiumis sizmarshi (1996)
5) Whisper of Grass
6) Niavi gavs cechls (1996)
7) Dance of the Frozen Fingers

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Here is another contribution sent me by the same person who ripped the Occult live tape. Thanks again to him for his efforts to the cause. Maze Of Cako Torments was a rather obscure band/project by a Russian fellow Sergei Sushkov who lived(/s?) in Latvia and apparently released three tapes, this being the third and last one. As far as we know, that is. I've been wanting to hear the demos for years since I first spotted the band name on... wherever it was but circa 1997 I think! I actually heard the music for the first time on Tales of Ancient Lakes compilation which I got... between 1998 - 2000 probably, which featured a remix of the sixth track from this demo, and it took me until this year to finally score this demo here. About time I'd say. No cover scans, sadly, but I borrowed the cover image seen above from M.A. and a more or less full cover scan from Demo Archives, included in the download.

So what is it like, other than elusive? Well, since both of the already familiar compilation tracks are from this demo you might have an idea - atmospheric opening part leads to heavier main body characterized by the very obviously programmed drums, varying harsh vocals sometimes accompanied by extra voice(s), sometimes not, all sounding somewhat odd and a little off. Not all tracks follow that pattern, for example the third and fourth are very different. I've seen this categorized as industrial black metal but I wouldn't label it so based on just drum computer and the occasional effects used on vocals but naturally opinions may differ. I suppose experimental black metal isn't completely correct either but hits close to the mark as this is rather unorthodox stuff. By the way, I'm not sure if the cover has a typo or not, seeing as the second track is titled here "Possessed by Smog" while on the Beverina compilation (released before this tape) it was " Smaug - the Dragon" or was it perhaps changed for some reason? Considering the mention of Sauron in the lyrics and "Smog" written with capital letter (as a name would be) and other words with small I'm led to believe it was supposed to be "Smaug" here too.

The rip isn't from an original but a dub which fortunately is pretty good quality. The volume is rather low, I should have adjusted it a little. The demo itself sounds a bit murky but not disturbingly so, it kind of adds to the atmosphere in my opinion. I've managed to score the second demo from 1996 too, will post that in near future, so now I only need the 1995 "Dabalibula" to be in peace with myself over this. Recommended if you enjoy unusual and somewhat experimental black metal based stuff with some crudeness to it.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Wow, this has to get the vote for weirdest cover ever featured on your blog. Will definitely need to download when I get the chance.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Weird yes, but fits the music I'd say!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

And hey, this actually turned out to be not as strange as the cover would lead on; on the contrary, it's awesome! I was fearing it would either be too unbalanced--lots of bloopy-sounding filler with a minority of actual metal tracks--or too much of the same, but instead I found a surprisingly healthy balance of symphonic-y black metal and unique embellishments that's enjoyable as all hell.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Good to read you liked it, it is unusual but enjoyable. The cover might be more of an acquired taste but hey at least it's very distinct too!

Hermann Hematian kirjoitti...

Velkaarn! You don't know me well. Two years ago you advised me not to migrate to North Europe (from Iran). Anyhow I don't believe my eyes. Maze Of Cako Torments at last. You're my hero. There is no demo I wish I had cuz you're one of the few true guys who have kept your demonic promise to bring us the song of darkness, and of true rare type indeed.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hello again and yup, it took some time but I did manage to score two of the MoCT demos. Patience is a virtue and sometimes even rewarded.