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Mayhem / Zyklon-B - Split 7"EP 1999

Mayhem / Zyklon-B - Necrolust / Total Warfare Split 7"EP 1999
1) Necrolust (Unreleased Studio Version)
2) Total Warfare (Sea Serpent Remix)

Yandex / Depositfiles

I decided to upload yet another of these 7" splits, this one pretty pointless since several rips have been floating around for the longest time. But since I came across a tape where I had dubbed my copy of this vinyl back in the old days and ripped it I thought I might just as well post it too. So here we have a pair of well-known Norwegian names doing what Norwegians do very well, cashing in. Scans of both sides included, there was no cover or sheet with this.

Ripped from a dub of an original EP it sounds good and both are studio efforts so no worries in that department. The I used tape seemed to have been pretty new too, no wear and tear that I'd notice. Mayhem gives us a re-recording of Necrolust from "Deathcrush" - says here unreleased studio version but wasn't this already on the (well, very limited) 1997 EP "Ancient Skin"? Or am I supposed to believe they re-recorded the same track again at a later session? Well, I know the return era Mayhem had an unhealthy obsession with the old stuff (was tempted to use another word there), skipping DMDS but that would be ridiculous. The track? If you like Maniac and "Wolf's Lair Abyss" you'll like this version. Zyklon-B's track is just a remix of the track from mini, adding some samples and effects mostly from what I hear. This doesn't make it radically different nor really better or worse. Worth a listen but I wouldn't cough up cash for this unless you're a really, really fanatic vinyl collector.

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