keskiviikko 28. elokuuta 2013

Eldrich Palmer IV

Eldrich Palmer 'zine, issue 4 (1995)
Into The Abyss
Crack Up
Venus Fly Trap
Amor Committed Suicide
Die Verbannten Kinder Evas
Slave One
General Bomb Machine
+ article on Gorkon Recordings, news, reviews


I wanted to post another 'zine and I don't think most of you have ever heard of this little (32 A5 pages) Polish fanzine? I got from somewhere two issues of this and on whim scanned them one boring summer night at work. It was made by a fellow called Krzysztof Sadza and had a run of at least five issues (I've IV & V), this one and possibly the previous ones too being still quite metal-centered but with some gothic and darkwave thrown in. Being a fanboy I was obviously delighted to spot a DVKE interview here. The following issue sails right off the waters charted by the Coven navy but might still be interesting to some readers. More about that when I post it, back to this one. Very underground, old school 'zine look, written with a typewriter, cut-and-paste layout and xeroxed at questionable quality. Tästä minä nautin! So no fancy background images under text, dozen different fonts, clean and professional printing on expensive paper or anything like that. Consider that both a warning and a recommendation. Funny how I find myself enjoying 'zines like this and for example Blokong or Pure Fucking Hell much more than the more polished, fancier efforts. Ok, the xerox quality makes some pages hard to read. Recommended reading if you happen to like the bands featured and/or like old fashioned fanzines.