lauantai 10. elokuuta 2013

Kulukhai - Promo Tape '93

Kulukhai - Promo Tape '93
1) Guided by the True Lord... Satan!
2) Following the Light into the Artificial Horizon

Yandex / RGhost

Today we've another contribution, this one from a reader who prefers to remain anonymous. Thanks for ripping this tape and scanning the cover, much appreciated! Danish black metal scene was always rather limited, being basically Denial Of God and a bunch of others, usually quite short-lived bands or projects. This is one of those and as far as I know Kulukhai (at last a name no-one else used!) released only this very short promo tape before vanishing from the radar.

As for the content, like you can see above it's two tracks and both are short, for a playtime of less than five minutes. Music is of the crude, raw and barbaric sort with a primitive yet very clear sound. Quite bass heavy, percussion mostly drowning behind the strings and dual vocals, sounds slightly like a mixture of old Barathrum, Bestial Summoning, Impaled Nazarene and uh... very early Absurd? Or similar lo-fi Germans. As an interesting detail, the bands' instrumentalits Lord Evil and Gnosis Seuaton switch duties between the tracks, which you can actually hear from the performance. Ugly, obscure, barbaric and almost grotesque little tape. Obviously necessary listening for all into primitive black metal.

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Fenrirsson kirjoitti...

Try and get the Distortion of Evil Rehearsal too - pretty good stuff. I believe that a few were in Denial of God afterwards (though I've never liked DoG, perhaps apart from the 7").

- F

GREV kirjoitti...

Hail Brother Velkaarn!

I already have it on bad quality copy, but not anymore... so thanks for sharing this! Really piece of treasure I'll like to say \m/

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for the tip, I'll look into it.


You're welcome brother! Any luck with the 'zines we discussed?

GREV kirjoitti...

@Velkaarn. What comes about zines. There's such an busy times in summer. I'll try to check those out asap and made finally your trade. That's promised!