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Azazel's Torch - The Profane Realm of Time and Space demo 1994

Azazel's Torch - The Profane Realm of Time and Space demo 1994
1) Key of Sorrow
2) Sandal Wood, Cedar and Jupiter
3) Vacuptor's Sins
4) Mazziqim's Throne
5) Genuflexion of Ca'bas
6) The Ancient Ones
7) Transvection

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Here's another contribution from mr. Drowned, thanks, the probably only demo of the quite obscure US black metal/occult death metal/something band Azazel's Torch, associated with their much better known countrymates Absu. Actually, their logo seen above was drawn by Equitant. Unfortunately no cover scans available.

I hesitated for a while before posting this as I am not very pleased with the sound of this rip. Drowned had to work with a dub of unknown generation which means quite low, muddled sound and plenty of hiss. He tried to clean the sound but that didn't really work out too well. So expect an unclear sound with constant hiss or more like buzz on top of everything. Shame, as the music would be quite interesting, sort of occult black death not too dissimilar to earlier Absu. Varying tempos, some thrashy bits, mystical interludes, interesting themes - this has quite a lot going. I wish someone would re-release this. If someone has an actual copy of this demo I'd really appreciate cover scan and rip of that. Till then have a listen to this if you're not too picky about the sound issues!

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

It's a shame about the sound issues, but I really dig this. Your description of the sound is spot on. I really dig the thrashy parts.

Thanks for the upload.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Yeah, I really, really wish someone would re-release this and any possible unreleased stuff on CD or vinyl or cassette... whatever format is fine, just do it!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Yeah, this is of definitely something I would pick up if it were re-released.