torstai 29. elokuuta 2013

Root - The Black Storm of Root live 1990

Root - The Black Storm of Root live 1990
1) Intro I
2) Intro II
3) Výslech
4) Upálení
5) Píseň pro Satana
6) 666
7) Satan's March [short version]
8) 7 černých Jezdců / Král Dogra
9) Cesta zkázy
10) Hřbitov

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The Darkness Festival V is held now on Friday 30th, as part of Denial Of God's Finnish tour. To celebrate me attending this event I decided to upload another live recording scavenged from my traded tapes, this is again Root from Czech Republic and another live from 1990. The setlist is a bit different compared to the previous one I from the same year I posted, don't know which one is earlier, or venue or much else to be honest. Didn't have a tracklisting either but at least that I managed to figure out. I'm pretty sure this was released on VHS, whether it was a bootleg or some sort of actual release I haven't a clue but no discographies list it so I'm leaning to unofficial here. Naturally no cover could be found so I made my own borrowing the border/frame from the 1990 7"EP, artwork on that was credited to mr. František Štorm of Master's Hammer, so I suppose I should credit him too.

If we leave the intros out, this set has roughly the same duration as the "Festival Death & Fire Explosion" gig. The sound is different this time around, I suppose "worse" might be a correct description as while the "Festival..." sounded pretty much like a soundboard recording this is obviously an audience recording, with fuzzier guitars and generally sounding less clean and sort of distant. But on the other hand there's more rawness and echo to it, making it a slightly more vicious. Clean enough to enjoy if you like old Root and shame on you if you don't!

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Great post, I actually like the at-the-club ambience of this audience recording. Cool performance too. But then Root are pretty count-on-able for that.

For any Dylan folks among your readership (em, not a lot probably) his Rotterdam 2000 show booted as Don't Waste Your Words is a stellar example of how an audience recording can capture the mood better than a sbd sometimes.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


This is true, though it depends a bit on the artist/music too. I guess I should take a listen to that Dylan live, if only to compare the ambiance. One thing I'm not very keen on is the overt studio fixes sometimes made on official live albums.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

With you entirely on that last sentiment, Velkaarn, with KISS Alive! being the most notorious offender of course. It's why I've always sought out the boots. I want the real deal, not a studio-prettied presentation.

Don't Waste Your Words is worth seeking out. I'll see if I can figure out how to upload it for you (never tried it before).

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Your comment reminds me I haven't listened to KISS for... years. If you don't count single tracks overheard somewhere. And I used to be a big fan of theirs back when I was a school kid.

Take your time, I'm off to Oslo for a long weekend visiting some people so I'll be back sometime next week and hopefully will get off my ass and post something, too.