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Syphilis Newsletter #2 & #3

Syphilis newsletter, issue 2 (late 1994?)
"The Italian Assault" scene report 1994
+ (old) news, reviews

Syphilis newsletter, issue 3 (November 1995)
Thy Serpent
Crystal Age
Mortal Agony
Callenish Circle
+ more old news, reviews


Let's do something different for today. Ok, not that different really. Here's two issues of Finnish Syphilis newsletter which I came across while looking for some 'zine or another and decided to scan them along with some proper 'zines. "Uncle, what are newsletters?" are the younger readers probably asking now. Well, they were like little 'zines, ranging between 1 to 10 pages, most typically in the 2-6 pages range I think, supposed to be released more often or quicker than 'zines and usually contained news, that to be frank tended to be getting old even back then, some reviews and interview(s) or article(s) or both. You see, back then not everyone and their mother had high speed internet access so things like these were at least somewhat valid sources of (mis)information and news. These ones are four pages for #2 and six for #3.

I never actually had any issues of the Syphilis 'zine, sadly, and am not sure how I got these newsletters. Probably ordered them from him after seeing a flyer or something, you could typically get these with a return stamp or something like that back then. Or people might add these to whatever they were sending you in the first place, like flyers. I got some like that. As for the content, the articles are ok, mostly expanded bios really. The scene report is made by Max of Eternal Rest Promotion and is death metal oriented, giving some details of a bunch of bands while just name dropping some more (including several which really seemed worth more attention to me). Reviews and interviews are ok if not highest peaks of journalism. But I've written enough, read 'em for yourself if you're interested. And I wouldn't mind scans of the actual Syphilis 'zine.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

So the conversation might have gone,

BM'er 1: "Have you picked up Syphilis yet?"
BM'er 2: "Uh, no, hopefully."
BM'er 1: "Man you should. It's really great."
BM'er 2: "Mmm, I'm not so sure about that."
BM'er 1: "Hey, I'll come over later and give you mine."
BM'er 2: "That really won't be necessary--I gotta go."

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Thanks for uploading this. I always enjoy reading old zines. The Sigh interview was interesting, especially when Mirai calls the guy from Gorugoth an idiot.

GREV kirjoitti...

Hehee.... I'll remember those days when I was in contact with Mika (Chief of Syphilis & Ominous Prod.)

I'd ask from Mika, if he got Syphilis fanzines anymore? I have something, but I really don't know the condition of these zines?

Thanks anyway

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Heh, that's why one really better use "...'zine" whenever possible. Well sometimes it's even more necessary than usual (Slayer the band and Slayer 'zine comes to mind).

Oh, I might pick up Syphilis from brother Grev later. ;)


Glad you enjoyed them. Newsletters are in my mind kinda like single track rehearsal tapes vs demos but in 'zine form, if you get what I mean. Mirai gave Gorugoth (and some others) flak in several interviews back then, see for example Pure Fucking Hell 'zine #2. Should've asked his thoughts about 'em now at Hammer Open Air, dang!


Oh he did Ominous prod. too? Didn't remember that! By all means check if you can about the old 'zines, would appreciate that!

GREV kirjoitti...

@Velkaarn. Yes, I bought Bethel's "Northern Supremacy" demo from Mika and if I don't lie very much (remember right) Mika also runs Ominous Prod.

I send him message and ask those old treasures.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yup, you remember right, I recalled GOTH#4 had a full-page bio of Bethel with both addresses and it's the same guy. Looks like he moved between release of the Bethel demo and these newsletter. Yes, it'd be great if you can ask him, especially Syphilis #2 would be necessary!

GREV kirjoitti...

OK. I'll wait answer from Mika :)

awakening kirjoitti...

Could you reup?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Are you commenting to wrong post? The link is working, just click download.