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Grim - The Domains of Spirits 7"EP 1997

Grim (swe) - The Domains of Spirits 7"EP 1997
1) The Domains of Spirits
2) Bergatrollets sista färd


I was supposed to post this one yesterday but then I didn't, too bad. Well anyways, here's another thing Eugene from the Russian dungeon synth VK page sent me, the second release by the Swedish dungeon synth project Grim.  Remember the demo I uploaded a few years ago? This 7"EP was released by Profane Elite Productions from Peru in association with Dungeon and Dragons Productions of Sweden which basically means the band itself. A contributor from Peru had sent this rip and scans of the item to Eugene, thanks to both of them! Too bad it's low bitrate (128 kbps) but at least decent quality. Bit low on the volume, though I suspect so was the EP itself.

The two songs here are shorter (format obviously ensures this) than the three on the '95 demo which in retrospect went on a bit longer than necessary, especially the second track. The biosheet included with the other goodies here admits the tape "did not turned out very good" and it's very useful in general as apparently there was also a short lived band in the similar vein called Dungeon which released a promo tape before disbanding, I would be very interested in hearing that one! Anyways, after Dungeon's demise Grim was continued and this EP appears to be the only result. And I seem to have a really hard time getting to the music here, have you noticed? Ok, I'll skip discussing the change in the look from a corpsepainted black metal warrior to full-Mortiis seen above and say this is less monotonous and repetitive compared to the demo material. Cheap and cheesy synth sounds that are almost haphazardly wandering, colliding with each other and accompanied by choirs produced both, as far as I can tell, synth and human throat which also alternate and mix. Some of the most obnoxious wind sounds I've heard overtake everything else until louder keys take the stage in the midpart of the song. It is like you were buffeted by capricious winds across odd, otherworldly landscapes you can only barely perceive or comprehend. The second song features a lot of the same elements but is different, more purposeful journey with a goal in sight, focused despite the strangeness. The percussion elements certainly help with that. It seems to end rather abruptly, I wonder if it was even intentional? As before, this is quite peculiar stuff. Instrumental despite including what would seem to be lyrics for the title track. Recommended for people into this sort of stuff, but be sure to crank up the volume.

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Eugene kirjoitti...

Nice, man, thanks for posting! I can ask that peruvian contributor again for better bitrate, but it might take a lot of time, cause I've been sending messages to him since january 25 and he finaly did it in the end of may, oh my.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yup, some people are faster with their replies and some rather slow but it's all fine, the stuff is almost 20 years old after all! I would certainly appreciate a higher bitrate so it'd be great if he did it.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Hearty thanks Eugene and our illustrious host. The 7" format is perfect, just a nice dose of the stuff. Fun to stick these tracks between the two sides of a full length split by two other bands, for cool little mixtape.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I agree the running time here works better than on the old demo, though the songwriting has obviously changed too. What did you use this as outro/intro for, just out of curiosity?