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Lunar Womb - The Astral Grief demo II 1997

Lunar Womb - The Astral Grief demo II 1997
1) Through the Silver Caves
2) Ebon Ocean

Yandex / Zippy

Hollow Myths

Ok, back to Finnish synth stuff, here is the second demo of (at this point) Henri's solo project Lunar Womb mentioned in the Kharadrai post. I actually was sent another rip already some time earlier by the Russian dungeon synth folks, thanks for that, but since I after that discussed the project with Henri and he sent me another rip (and scans) made from the master files I decided to rather use them. And being such an ass as I am, I start from demo II instead of the first controversial one. We'll get back to that later but not today.

Only two tracks, but both are long, eleven minutes each and different enough from one another. First one is rather upbeat, folky even, and somewhere between medieval darkwave and dungeon synth. Not just keys, there are distroted electric string instruments involved too. Second track starts slowly, ambient like and eventually, when a guitar joins the procession one might even anticipate a turn to an epic Moonsorrow track. Not happening, though the atmospheres are similar from time to time. This is great and very much recommended, if you're into atmospheric music at all. Even if you're not really much of an ambient, dungeon synth or whatever enthusiast you might dig the second part. I'm really curious to hear the third demo finished. A word of warning: the first demo is very, very, very, very different from this one! Ok, maybe not that different, but... well, you'll see.

UPDATE: Discovered, to my slight surprise, that Hollow Myths of USA had released a CD compiling this and "Planets" - I can't say anything definite about the release itself but looks promising. Apparently both were remastered too. See link above.

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Borderline kirjoitti...

Thank you! Can't wait to hear more material, this demo is/was completely amazing in every part of it. A real mind journey, very enjoyable.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome and I had you in mind when warning to be cautious about the first demo! ;)

Grilo do Demo kirjoitti...

Great great great, so curious to listen to this :D

Eugene kirjoitti...

The melody of first track is similar to intro tune of Amorhpis - Forgotten Sunrise ( Well, it's quiet possible that Henri listened to Amorhpis back then, but I don't want to say that he stole this melody. Its origin probably comes from some medieval dance.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Well, can't really talk for him but I'm sure pretty much everyone in Finland had at least heard Amorphis back then. A lot of the melodies on "Tales..." derive from well-known folk tunes and probably that'd be the case here as well.