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Absu - Rehearsal 1994

Absu - Rehearsal 1994
1) Tasseomancy
2) A Quest into the 77th Novel
3) Apzu
4) The Sun of Tiphareth
5) Akhera Goiti-Akhera Beiti (One Black Opalith for Tomorrow)

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Back to contributions and this one is terribly late, my apologies to brother Fenrirsson who already sent this well over a year ago. The reason I'm posting this rehearsal tape by the US mythological occult metal masters Absu so late is that it had no tracklisting nor a date when Proscriptor had sent it to him back whenever it was. The date is still obviously missing but the tracklisting I finally figured out. I was mostly stuck on the first track and almost gave up, forgetting this in a folder but luckily I remembered their 2CD compilation and sure enough it was one of those tracks. Of course there was no cover for this either so I just made a placeholder with the relevant version of the logo and some Equitant art used on "The Sun of Tiphareth" disc.

This is an instrumental rehearsal tape, with a very good and clear sound which however could be a bit more powerful and a little louder too but everyone can adjust the volume on their devices themselves, can't you? The five songs are all quite lenghty, the tape totals over 35 minutes which is longer than the debut album. Tracks 2 - 4 are from the second album, if you don't know for some reason, 1 was unreleased till the "Mythological Occult Metal" compilation (not sure if same version enhanced) and 5 was the B-side of the 1995 7"EP. It's good material, though if you're used to the thrashing intensity of the 3rd and later albums you might not appreciate the more deliberate and epic approach of the tracks here, especially given the lack of vocals. Fanboys (and -girls?) like me will enjoy this.

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