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Children of Mäani - Demo 1995

Children of Mäani - Demo 1995
1. Tradition; the Birth
2. In the Middle of the Macrocosme - "Those Who Are Called VAO"
3. Tiphareth... And Beams of Malchuth - "After the Five Ones"
4. Tradition; My Birth - "Where Is the Sky of The First?"

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Today's post is a demo from my rips and continues the sort-of-wasting-everyone's-time -theme. This is the first, and only, demo of the quite short-lived French project Children of Mäani by Vindsval, the Blut Aus Nord man. The time-wasting aspect comes from the fact that the four tracks here were later released as "The Veil of Osiris" MCD. Which I haven't heard so I can't say if they were just pressed onto disc as they were or somehow re-touched, -mastered, -mixed, -whatever. Anyways since I came across a pretty decent dub of the demo from my tapes and bothered ripping it, please bear with me. Of course you can just wait for the next post. I didn't have a cover for this so I borrowed one again from Demo Archives.

I was quite surprised after listening to this after many years as it sounded different than what I had remembered. To be honest, it sounds a lot like Blut Aus Nord used to do in the mid-90's, though it's a little bit more intricate and technical than the BAN stuff of the time was and obviously the lyrical topics are different. The sound of the recording is a little muffled and demo-ish yet very listenable and pretty balanced to my tastes. I like this. Why don't I have the MCD? Anyways, if you liked the old BAN, not the later post-whatever-avantgarde-artsiness, and atmospheric early-to-mid-90's black metal with mythological occult touch (no, it still doesn't sound like Absu) give this a listen.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Not a waste of time at all IMMHO. I like this too, it sounds like an insane beehive. The somewhat echo-y sound enhances that to great effect to my ear.

Didn't know these guys. Glad I do now. Gracias, amigo.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Indeed, the music itself is not waste of time, but if it is the exact same recording pressed onto the "Veil of Osiris" MCD then it sort of is. Kinda sorta. Though of course if one hasn't heard of 'em this is the right place to start and then get the MCD... I think it's still available? Need to check and get one for myself!

GREV kirjoitti...

Thanks brother for this one!

pagan14 kirjoitti...

Never heard of this band before. Looks really interesting, thanks! And welcome back!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks, I was planning to return sooner but... well I didn't. Anyways, I should be around pretty consistently at least for a while now.