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Ironsword - Promo 1995

Ironsword - Promo 1995
1) Intro
2) I Am the Defender
3) The Flame and the Sword
4) Battlecry

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A bit unusual genre for the Coven today, straight old heavy metal from the Portuguese project/band Ironsword. You're probably wondering how I happened to have it in the first place? Well, Ironsword was the project of a former Moonspell guitarist Tann who also played in Decayed and basically that got me curious to hear this tape. After confirming that yes indeed it's basic old heavy metal I lost interest and didn't get the further recordings. Ripped from a traded dub so no cover, image from Metal Archives used.

I've noticed growing old people suddenly start to listen to old heavy metal again. This is partially true with me as well, though I stick to the oldies I liked back then and don't like most of the newcomers or seek actively out new old bands of the genre. So how does this effort sound now after all these years? Well, slightly more appealing than back then but it's definitely no masterpiece. The sound is quite poor for this sort of metal, though a seasoned black metal rehearsal tape listener isn't fazed to the slightest. I like my heavy metal rough and dirty instead of polished and sugary. The vocals are quite amateurish and don't go too high for most of the time, which I find preferable. Machine drums, pretty ok guitar sound. I should probably check out how these guys (I think it's a full band nowadays) have changed over the years but as for this tape, I rather pick up some old Maiden, Manowar, W.A.S.P., Running Wild etc. (you get the idea) for my heavy metal needs. But check it out if you like undergroundish heavy metal with challenging sound or are interested in Portuguese demo bands! I'd like to hear the 1998 promo if anyone happens to have it.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Interesting that you note that older people (and yourself) are re-visiting old heavy metal. I'm in that camp too. I'm not nostalgic, it's just that the current stuff like Mastodon doesn't move me. Mastodon are extremely talented players, but the music doesn't resonate with me.

That said, I do like many of the current sludge/doom practitioners, such as Starve from Holland. But that's a different thing from heavy metal.

This tape is pretty cool. I hear Hawkwind in "I am the Defender", and they give it all the Judas Priest they can in "Battlecry".

I rather like the echo-y production, it particularly suits the Hawkwind-like track.

Not sure I qualify as a Portuguese demo band fanatic, but more undergroundish heavy metal is always welcome to my ears.

Thanks for the post.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Well, I count myself among the older people by now. :) Agree about Mastodon and the like, in general the current mainstream-ish music hasn't produced really anything that'd appeal to me for the last +10 years. Ok, there are some exceptions like a few Asian pop stars.

I'm slightly shocked how I forgot Priest from my usual name-dropping routines this time, shame on me! Have you heard the latter products of Ironsword? I was planning to check out the 1998 promo tape and debut album again, I've a feeling I'll appreciate them more this time around.

kingpossum kirjoitti...


I haven't heard but will seek out the additional Ironsword pieces. I like what I hear on this one.

At age 54 (your eldest reader?) I'm certainly in the "getting older" set identified in your original comments! Which means nothing really. Does the prevailing wisdom dictate that at this age I'm supposed to be listening to Crowded House and UB40? Not going to happen. I grew up in the Classic Rock era, and I can tolerate very, very little of that stuff now.

Something I like about Priest's latest work is how they've rediscovered their prog rock roots--Nostradamus and Angel of Retribution are two of the strongest things in their catalogue to my ear.

I'm seeing Sabbath later this year and am going with some trepidation as a) Ozzy's voice is a question mark and b) Bill Ward isn't aboard. But you can't beat Mr. Iommi for riffs. You just can't.

The revived interest in the original HM bands feels a little like the '60s revival of folk music in the U.S. But with black t-shirts.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I've no actual idea of the reader demographics but at least now I can establish it as something like 16 - 54 years. :) Yes, it seems likely you'd be quite high on the pyramid. But who's counting, numbers are more important when you're a kid and want to buy beer.

I listened to a track from the 2002 album on YouTube and even though I dislike listening to music there it sounded very cool. Reminded me a bit of stuff Arska of Morningstar has been up to. Didn't find the promo with first quick attempts. Better check Grev.

I was planning to go see Sabbath play too but missed the tiny window in time you have for purchasing tickets for these big concerts. So it looks like I'm not going, I refuse to fund the black market. Of course if I should get the opportunity I'd love to go, mainly for Iommi but it'd be interesting to see how Ozzy manages. The new material has gotten good feedback, haven't listened to any teasers or whatever myself as I'm going to buy the album anyways.

GREV kirjoitti...

Hey... familiar band from my tapetrade years. I like that promo very much and thanks to you Brother for offer it to us!

What comes about Morningstar.. well, I have lots "Arska's" material :)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Have you heard the second promo from 1998?

About Arska, I was thinking about the stuff he did beside Morningstar, like some of the Minotauri tracks but especially Heathen Hoof, don't you agree? Last Morningstar album was pretty much heavy metal though, I should take a listen to it again.

GREV kirjoitti...

@Velkaarn. No, I don't have second promo. Only this 1995 promo and couple of albums.

I have Minotauri's and Heathen Hoof stuff too. I need to check those titles out. Arska was made a lot of stuff with different bands (like you already know) and I must ask have you heard Arska's new band called Kalevalan Viikingit & soloproject Kareliaani?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, I know Kalevalan Viikingit, it's not that new a band is it? Oi-stuff. Kareliaani isn't familiar... you heard the new Ironbird material yet? Advance tracks on YouTube were pretty cool!

GREV kirjoitti...

Velkaarn: Yes, we talking same band. It's not a "New", but it's newer than Arska's old projects.

Kareliaani is more Metallic RAC. I have one vinyl single called "Patriootti"

Hmm.. I must listen Ironbird's tracks again... when I was listening those tracks I was really bad drunk and I don't remember anything x(

Mandrake kirjoitti...

Thanks a lot Velkaarn! Cheers