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Die Verbannten Kinder Evas - Demo 1994


Die Verbannten Kinder Evas - Demo 1994
1) Requiem
2) The Messenger
3) May No Tears Stain This Holy Ground
4) Einleitung
5) Quod Olim Erat
6) Untitled (unknown title)

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Something non-metal for change and an item that has been sitting on my HD's for way too long. This is the 1994 demo by Austrian darkwave/neoclassical/atmospheric/addmorewords project Die Verbannten Kinder Evas, who also happen to be one of my favourite non-metal artists and was ripped from a dub sent by a trader back in mid 90's. And like most probably know already, DVKE feature(d) the Summoning members plus additional female vocalists. The recording had no tracklisting and I had some difficulty figuring the titles out and the last one evaded me totally, could be it's a fragment of a track from the debut anyways it sounds extremely familiar. Help anyone? Tried asking Protector already, no reply. Obviously it had no cover art either, again I just made something. Actually several variations of it, decided to go with the artsy off-center logo version.

Another version of the cover.

If you have heard the DVKE debut album, the content of the demo will be familar to you though these are very, very stripped down versions of the tracks. They do have vocals (Richard & Julia) and are quite easy to recognize... well except the evasive last bit that is. Almost decent sound with not too much tape wear and impurities. If you haven't heard the first DVKE album, well the music there and on this demo is more like medieval darkwave with some slight dungeon synth feeling even (though the vocals take this away from the genre) and some pure ambient tracks (on the album) rather than the more neoclassical feeling of the later works. And I like it very much. Of course I too prefer listening to the album, but it's interesting to hear these rough early versions. Enough typing, you'll know by now if you want to download this or not, it's not like I could force you to do it or like DVKE. But I still recommend both.

UPDATE: How was I not informed before?!? Apparently an US label has released a digital compilation of this demo, complete mind you, looks like my tape was missing three songs, and a live from '97 remastered and it can be grabbed from their Bandcamp at name-your-price. Link above. I just bought it and am not really 100% pleased with the resulting sound on the demo part but screw that, it's complete! Get it now! Haven't yet heard the live songs but the setlist is amazing.

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Andrew kirjoitti...

Wow, this is way cool. The compression sound is really nasty, but oh well. I feel like this is the closest DVKE came to dungeon synth, and I'm really considering adding it to the list. The singing, unlike later DVKE singing, seems much more ds; it's a sort of deep amateurish moan, and it makes me kind of wonder that if a sort of goth, early Andrew Eldritch style singing might be totally fitting for ds, but just hasn't really been tried yet.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I agree with you and also if you haven't taken a listen to the DVKE debut album for a while I think you'd want to give it a spin again. Some parts of it are very close (at least) to ds.

Most common vocal sort so far for ds has been (at least in my experience) some sort of narrative, often with very embarassing vocal effects and naturally an accent. The second alternative is almost always samples, which may or may not work. Usually no voice is definitely better. The early gothic sort might fit, or whispering sort of voices. Anyways, I really think any kind of vocals should be used very sparingly in ds.

GREV kirjoitti...

Thanks brother for this one! DVKE albums is familiar, but I don't have heard the demo earlier :)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome! I read somewhere that there were two demos recorded but all the dubs I got seemed to be just this one. :/