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Deface - Tears demo 1995

Deface (spa) - Tears advance tape for demo 1995
1) Absorbed by Homesickness
2) Unforgettable Moments
3) Inextricable Memories (Part I)
4) The Field of Glory
5) Inextricable Memories (Part II)


Time to post another a bit older contribution. I'm not 100% if I simply forgot this one to sit in my download folder or had Mikael aka Vaalkoth posted this in their short-lived blog, whatever the reason may be it was left there for quite some time. Anyways, this is an advance version of Spanish death metal band Deface's only (?) demo from 1995 which Mikael had gotten from them and ripped and sent to yours truly along with some other items. Includes a pic of the cover, which is unfortunately not a scan but a digicam pic. You can see what needs to be seen on that too. Thanks for sharing!

Mikael's rip had tracks 3 & 4 together, I separated them. Otherwise I haven't meddled with his work here, it's a little lower bitrate than I usually go for (CBR 160) but it sounds ok. Note that of the 5 tracks here, roughly 15 minutes of music, only tracks 2 and 4 might be what we call "proper" tracks as the others are intro and interlude sort of pieces. The sound is kinda weak, or more like unpowerful and the music is not certainly the average sort of death metal you might've expected from Spain early 90's - it's kind of complicated mix of technical death metal with gothic influences, rather than death/doom which might seem more likely when you look at the titles here. In a way the sound supports their complex, serpentine meanderings as a heavier, cavernous or a dirty, muddled production would make them a complete mess. Vocals are death growls, gothic moans and assorted less used sounds. I don't like this. Well, the instrumental interludes are ok. Other than that the main dish is too complex and twisty for my palate, most of the time it just makes me sort of annoyed. But you have to note I'm not into Ved Buens Ende and the like either so you might find this fascinating and actually enjoy it. After all, some people enjoy eating things which make me grimace and spit them into a napkin for stealth disposal at first opportunity... I better quit now and prepare some food.

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GREV kirjoitti...

Hmm... very messysounding and too technical. Not my fave, but thanks anyway

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yep, not mine either!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Bad sound, good musicians.