perjantai 19. huhtikuuta 2013

Isacaarum / Sorath - Split 7"EP 1997

Isacaarum / Sorath (cze) - Meditations in Dark Green / Enlightenment Split 7"EP 1997
1) Isamaháparinibbánasuttam
2) Siddharthah's Pond / Jade Verses
3) Enlightenment
4) Torment


Suddenly, another vinyl EP ripped from a tape dub. I wasn't sure if I'd upload this one but then it was requested and the end result was satisfactory so I thought why not? There's a bunch of these on this blog already. Enough expository babbling, the EP features two Czech black metal bands, Sorath some of you will remember from the split with Unclean posted ages ago here and Isacaarum is an interesting case as they started off with a piss-poor (or so I recall it was) black/death metal demo, made an album (more or less black metal) that was all over the place with mainly German lyrics but also songs about Finland, Sweden and Norway (lyrics?) on it and then they decided to become a pornogrind band or something like that. These two tracks of theirs are quite interesting as they seem to deal with Buddhism which is certainly not something you see everyday. Sorath's part is more basic straight ahead pounding black metal with death metal touches. Their second track is more interesting of the two with bouncy bass parts. Nothing too remarkable but a decent listen for people into black/death metal and those who are curious of the Czech scene.

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Morbid Hearted kirjoitti...

Velkaarn can you reupload this one? 2 links and 2 are dead now. thanks in advance!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@Morbid Hearted:

Yeah, sure.

All Rusfolder links should be pretty dead, they did something a while back... it was crappy to start with, now I don't bother re-checking.

Depositfiles link had just expired but there's some issue with the upload function there so I'll use Sendspace for this.