torstai 4. huhtikuuta 2013

Witchcraft #4

Witchcraft Magazine, issue 4 (summer 1995)
Dark Funeral
Hour of the Goat (radioshow)
Orphaned Land
Wild Rags Records
"Odinism and Northern Belief"
Will 'o' Wisp
Moaning Wind
Brunei scene report
+ the usual (demos, 'zines, albums) and unusual (comics, manga etc.) reviews


And yet another contribution, this one a bit unusual as I was sent an actual physical copy of this 'zine by comrade Kurgan, thank you! Scanned this already... months ago, can't remember when exactly, but as I did that at work the quality is better than the early ones done at home. Which is good as this is quite fancy a 'zine, especially for 1995! I hadn't read any of the previous (or possible following) issues of Witchcraft magazine from Germany so I can't say a thing about them. The issue at hand is clearly made with a certain vision and goal plus experience gained from the preceeding efforts. Too bad it's not really that good a read at least for yours truly. Certainly some of the bands and features are interesting but overall I just don't seem to connect with the editor's views here. Looks nice but leaves a shallow feeling. Again, it could be just me so please go ahead and read it with an open mind or something like that. It's pretty compact read at 36 pages and has a very readable lay-out so you might just as well read it now instead of my ramblings.

UPDATE: You might be interested to know Witchcraft Magazine is still alive and kicking, see here for more information!

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GREV kirjoitti...

Thanks brother for this! I have it already (paper magazine) and I was planning to scan it when I've have a time to do it, but not anymore :)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


That's one thing less to do! :) Though I certainly welcome any and all 'zine scans.