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Akhkharu - Nos Noctium Dominarium (1996)

Akhkharu (us) - Nos Noctium Dominarium cassette album 1996
1) Summoning The Sacred Staff
Of The Genetic Essence Of Vampiric Blood
2) Nos Dominari Noctus
3) Summoning The Astral Blood Essence
Adu Enki En I
4) Communion Of The Brotherhood
Deny Thy Mortal Self
5) Ammaranth
Of The Feeding And Consumation Of Blood
6) Funeral Winds Of Necromantic Summonings
7) De Arcanum Opus Noctium
The Ending Cycle Of Lilith


Late spring and the recent xtian death worship festival have moved the Coven again to perform necromancy, however this stirring will be temporary. The tomb vomits forth another contribution, the cadaver exhumed by brother nada88pe already last year but it took me quite long to prepare the corpse for its second birth. What we have here is a tape album, released by the US label Dark Age Productions (DAP 014), by the second Akhkharu mentioned in this old post. This is their 3rd album, about an hour in lenght and consisting of seven ritual ambient pieces split on two sides of the tape and herein was the problem I had presenting this to unlife: the tracks all blend into one another and with this sort of musick it's quite a task to try to split it into individual tracks. Nada88pe had, naturally, ripped his tape just into side A & B and that would've been fine except that if it has seven separately named tracks I must have it as seven separate tracks! I finally got it done and am quite confident I split them roughly where intended. Sadly nada88pe had no access to a scanner so cover scans are not included, just some images I took from the Discogs page.

Good if low-fi sound and ripped from a very good condition tape. Ritual ambient with Sumerian/vampiric/Qlippoth themes, to quote the label: "seven summonings of highly ritualistic low-frequency masterwork...exploring the dominion of night" - I'm not so sure of the masterwork part but it's superior to the other Akhkharu I posted earlier and very interesting listen. With less instrumentation (and personnel!) and variation in the voices than Equimanthorn the projects nevertheless have a slightly similar feel to them. Or it might be the common themes and connections. Whatever, I'm getting fed up trying to come up with comparisons and name dropping, if you're at all into ritual or black ambient, dungeon synth and similar genres you'll give this a listen. Thanks again to my Perúvian comrade for the rip and I'm still on the look for their other tapes!

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Thanks, I never heard of them before.

great blog, found it through a link on the NWN forum (for the 'A 1000 Years' zine)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks for your comment & enjoy the blog! Been inactive for a little while but now it's time to post some more. Older links might be dead but if you need reupload just leave a note.

GREV kirjoitti...

Brother Velkaarn... welcome back to life. I'll check your latest wants asap! Good to heard you since long time! \m/

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks, brother Grev! Don't worry about it, at your own pace - I've still various corpses to breath unlife into and display to the Coven.