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Baptism - Sons of Ruin & Terror demo 2000

Baptism - Sons of Ruin & Terror demo II 2000
1) Bloodstained Altar of God's Sanctity
2) Centuries in Everdark Ashes
3) Scattered Remains
4) Thy Heart Bleeds


I decided to continue with Finnish black metal for now and post right away another contribution unholydeath sent back then, thanks to him again, this is the second demo by Baptism who have become a quite well known name these days. This demo was released by Shatraug's Warmoon Records which was the precursor of Grievantee, his better known and now defunct label. I know there are and have been other rips of the demo around the inter nets, but since ud's rip came out nicely and I hadn't for some reason ripped my own copy I decided to upload it here. A cover scan is enclosed.

Like the 1998 debut demo, this one contains four tracks, of which "Thy Heart Bleeds" makes a second appearence. You might notice that with the exception of the first track, which is an intro, all the songs here (as well as those on the first demo) were re-recorded for the 2002 debut album "The Beherial Midnight" which means there's not much "new" content to be found. Compared to the first demo's noisy rehearsal sound this is much more refined yet still with a very raw edge, much sharper and harsher than the debut album. The buzzing guitars and distorted vocals dominate while the percussion is a little more buried but still audible. I tend to think this is the best sounding Baptism release when I listen to it. Check it out if you enjoy raw Finnish black metal.

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