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GOD Magazine #1

GOD Magazine for Extreme Music, issue 1 (late 1999/early 2000)
Impaled Nazarene
Dark Funeral
Carpathian Forest
Thy Serpent
Old Man's Child
Hades (Almighty)
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Ok, it's about time I get back to posting and since it's been a while from the last 'zine post here's the first (I think) issue of humbly named GOD 'zine, which I've been told would be a sort of follow up to Amortization. I borrowed this one again from brother passetiermes, thank you! Looks like it cost someone 35 marks back then, probably in a record store.

As you see from the list, it's more than enough Norwegian bands again and being made in the turn of the millennium (I think most interviews would be made around November or December 1999 as Erik's dead and he asks people about the upcoming new millennium, release date however might've been post that, hard to say as it's not printed anywhere) things were looking rather ugly. Horrible even. All interviewees are also so called "big" bands so nothing much for the underground fanatics but at least some of the interviews (like the live one with I.N.) are entertaining while others are just plain annoying. Well, 'twas the style of the times and all that. Certainly not a favourite yet might entertain you so give it a look!

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GREV kirjoitti...


And thanks to you and passetiermes for this.

Anyway IN interview was best.. I think I'd better say nothing else, hahaa!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, no spoilers! :D As always, you're welcome. I believe I'm going to be posting things Henu sent me the next week so look forward to that.

GREV kirjoitti...

@Velkaarn. Great to hear! \m/

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Could You re-upload it please? the link is down!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Could you re-upload it please?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, let's try again elsewhere. Give me a sec.