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Helheim - Niðr ok Norðr liggr Helvegr demo 1994

Helheim (nor) - Niðr ok Norðr liggr Helvegr demo II 1994
1) Muspilli strid
2) Blandt ulvenes frender og kråkenes trær
3) Jotne vandring
4) Under the Norse Sky
5) De kalde marker av slag fortapt
6) Drømmedans
7) Gravlagt i Eljudne
8) Gjennom mørke og tåke

Zippy / Depositfiles

This week I'm going to continue with the contributions master Henri Sorvali sent me back whenever it was and to kick the week off, here's a continuation to a post over five years old, the second demo of Norse viking black metal band Helheim. Still not to be mixed with the industrial-tinged, NS-flavoured The Helheim Society. The long time between these posts isn't an oversight, I just didn't feel like ripping my copy of the tape back then, with the 2005 re-release out and all. Anyways, out of appreciation for the contribution, the good quality of the rip and demo itself I've decided to post this now. Scans of the cover are enclosed, thanks again to Henu for sending this.

Like Nehëmah's "Light of a Dead Star" this demo is in the rather rare group of tapes that actually have a longer running time than the band's debut album (don't believe Metal Archives on this, yet again) and without silence breaks or excessive intros too. Ok, there are a couple of shorter, instrumental songs but if you think of such as filler go back from whence you came from! Instrumentals, intros, outros and whathaveyous are important parts of recordings too and the Coven does not tolerate discrimination against them. Where was I? Yeah, it's good viking black metal, atmospheric and maybe a teensy bit inspired by early Enslaved, which they naturally denied in all interviews back then. Two of the songs, 3 & 7, were re-recorded on the debut album. Recommeded for the few who might still be unfamiliar with this and like this sort of music. Actually, it's worth checking out even if you can't stand folk or viking metal as it's more norsecore than drinking songs.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Okay, it has required this entire series of posts, spanning years, for me to finally differentiate--i think--between these Helheim/Helheim Society franchises. Oh wait, next you'll tell me not to confuse the latter with the Society of Helheim, and not to confuse the former with The Helheim. All of whom of course released at least two demos each entitled "Helheim".

How about a box set reissue that compiles all the cassettes of the various Helheim assemblies. With a tip sheet for keeping it all straight.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Actually The Helheim Society demos are supposed to be re-released in the near future, though certainly not along with the Helheim ones! To further complicate, there's the still unmentioned German Helheim who released a demo back in '95, thankfully not self-titled.

Viking death metal, I think it wasn't that bad either? Must re-evaluate soon.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

You are referring to the tape, "To Our Gods" by the German Helheim? I DL'd that from somewhere and will use this occasion to re-evaluate it also.

Maybe they can have a Helheim Stage at the next Wacken where they can all play.