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Dawn of Azazel - Of Bloodshed and Eternal Victory demo 1999

Dawn of Azazel - Of Bloodshed and Eternal Victory demo I 1999
1) Conqueror Throned
2) Triumph Upon Equinox
3) Conflagration of the Mortal Soul
4) March on the Blind
Unreleased bonus track:
5) Fallen Angel of Doom (Blasphemy cover)

Mega / Rusfolder

Here is the first demo I referred to here, again courtesy of brother Fenrirsson. Thank you! Like the previous Dawn of Azazel demo, this was ripped from master .wav files sent by the band so good quality is to be expected. Cover scans included for this one too.

Not quite as much unreleased goodies this time, just a cover of their major influence Blasphemy, and much of the content might seem redundant as three of the four tracks would make reappearance on their debut album and the second demo. The versions here are quite different however, mainly on the vocal department (like a demented yell/growl hybrid that's not very growly at all) and also due the (very) young band's skill levels. As an interesting bit of trivia, this was produced by Phil Kusabs aka VK who is Blasphemy's live bassist besides fronting Vassafor. Fenrirsson also wrote that drummer and second guitarist were kicked out after the release and very few copies of the demo were spread outside of New Zealand. I'm not really descriptive today so perhaps you should just have a listen for yourselves instead. Recommended for people into warlike and bestial black/death metal.

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