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Wind - Woodland Spirits demo 1999

Wind (fin) - Woodland Spirits demo V 1999
1) At the Heart of Dreaming pt. I
2) At the Heart of Dreaming pt. II
3) Taedium Vitae (Interludium)
4) Woodland Spirits
5) Ubiquitous

RGhost / Mega

Contributions continue, though this one was sent by a different person for change and is the third Wind demo I got, fifth one to be released by the project. Thanks again to the person who sent the rip, you know who you are. See these posts for demos III and IV. Only a little image of the cover, unfortunately, so full scans would be awesome.

Each of these demos have more tracks than the previous ones, have you noticed, while the running time increases very little. Fascinating. This time the music, referred to as surrealist chamber music on the distro list, sounds even more darkwave-y and neoclassical while the vocals do resemble, as again quoted from the label, "Devil Dollish" which would mean this artist in case you didn't know. The two-part opener brought Golden Dawn's debut album to my mind too, but that's really just association by song title rather than musical similarities. This is again an interesting tape, possibly better than the previous one but not quite as appealing to me as "Veil..." was. Third track, most dungeony of 'em all, is the best and title track the least good. Ok, I don't feel like writing now, I feel like watching Storage Wars so download this and have a listen in case you got interested and/or liked the previous tapes. Recommended.

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