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Minotauri - Axe Attack reh/demo 1997

Minotauri - Axe Attack rehearsal demo 1997
1) Axe Attack
2) Crazy Man
3) Livin' Alone

Zippy / Yandex

It's been a while since my last post featuring a project of master Ari "Sinister Satyr" Honkonen so I thought now would be high time to remedy this. Today's item is also a request, made already back in July by sister Borderline and finally now fulfilled by a conspiracy of yours truly and brother Grev. He dubbed and scanned, I ripped and posted. This is the '97 rehearsal/demo, first of the sort I believe, of Minotauri, Arska's old school heavy/doom metal project. You might remember I posted the probably first rehearsal tape which was released under Minotaur-monicker about six (!) years ago here. Being an official release, more or less, this one had covers which as already mentioned are included.

This is another short tape, less than ten minutes, and the music is leaning more in the direction of traditional heavy metal / hard rock rather than doom as most of you know it. Sound quality is unfortunately not optimal, or rather the quality of the recording is somewhat uneven which might distract more sensitive readers/listeners. Who obviously are reading the wrong blog. So lets try again, the sound itself isn't bad at all, clear rehearsal sound with a pretty kick ass guitar sound and ok percussion, audible vocals not either too dominant nor buried among the instrumentation.  Yeah... um... look! There's a cool skeleton on the cover, don't you want this, you know you do!

Necessary for fans of Honkonen's (slightly later) bands and old-fashioned heavy metal in general. And the last track has hit potential, did they rework this and release under another name? Anyone?

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Borderline kirjoitti...

Thanks Velkaarn & Grev for this! :)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Oh, you're up early/late! You're welcome, better late than never and all that. ;)

GREV kirjoitti...


You're welcome Borderline & Velkaarn \m/

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Many thanks Grev and Sir Velkaarn. The martial like cadence of these songs is fantastic. And Peter Murphy on vocals! Awesome. Seriously, a terrific three-track run here. Thanks again, gents.

Apropos of nothing: having just demo'd a release by a project called Circle of Beings, I've decided that intro-ing a track with the sound of a crackling fire is now officially overused.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome as always, are you familiar with Minotauri's later output, the EPs & two albums? More doomy than this stuff (like I mentioned on the main text). I've another rehearsal from this era which I'll post later, next will be some uneasy listening first. Or I guess that depends, again.

So crackling fire is now out too, huh? Not nearly as major an offender as sampling sounds of battle from a movie in my mind but I suppose you're right. Perhaps I need to hear the project you mention. Gotta love Graveland's "In the Glare..." intro, Rob pulls out all the stops on that one!

GREV kirjoitti...

You're welcome Brother kingpossum!