keskiviikko 8. lokakuuta 2014

Hödur - The Majesty demo 1995

Hödur - The Majesty demo 1995
1) The Shadows
2) Master
3) Eternal Night
4) Wilczyca z SS


I decided to do another repost and by now some of you are probably staring in disbelief: "He can't be posting that damn demo again?! For the third time?!?" Hell yes I am, and I even have no fear of death. Actually I have yet again an at least semi-decent reason to do this; I bought an original copy the other year and ripped and scanned it naturally promptly. This is after all one of my favourite demos. This version had a different cover than the one I was sent, I'm not sure which one is the earlier. For some reasons I'm inclined to think this might be.

Musically and soundwise there are some differences. Main one, again, being that these versions are longer which obviously means one of these tapes is not running or dubbed at correct speed and to be honest I'm not really 100% which one is correct! So, I guess it is prudent to keep this "slow" version and the old "fast" version both available until someone appears who can confirm the correct one. It might be me being so used to the old speed that this feels too slow. But feel free to check for yourselves and make up your own opinion, I'd be interested to read them too.

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